Letting go

Life is filled with endings. And beginnings. Nothing is permanent, everything changes and nothing stays the same.

I know this, yet I resist.

I welcome exciting new opportunities, but when it comes to saying goodbye to my lover, my career in financial planning, my dad. I resist. I don’t want it to be so.

Or at least I struggle with acceptance.

I’ve shared this week’s been a rough one. I was on the phone lamenting to my girlfriend the other evening. 

What am I doing to attract all this pain into my life?

Operating from a place of victim. A place I hate. A place I can see, but can’t seem to move out of.

And she said.

This is life, it’s not that you’re attracting it, it’s how you’re reacting to it, that’s the problem.

And she’s right.


F*ck. This is where the work is. This is the work I’m doing. Acceptance. Letting go. Practice, practice, practice. Truth, truth, truth.

Sarah Riegelhuth